Message from Sophia Rahmani, CEO & MD, Maple-Brown Abbott - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Message from Sophia Rahmani, CEO & MD, Maple-Brown Abbott - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Asia ex-Japan equities

Our value-based investment philosophy and disciplined investment process has been in place for over 30 years, and applied to the Asia Pacific region for over 14 years.

Our Asia Pacific capability covers three equity strategies – Asia ex-Japan, Asia Pacific ex-Japan and Pacific Developed ex-Japan.

At the heart of our investment philosophy is our bottom-up stock selection approach, which is driven by in-depth analysis and estimates, prepared by our experienced team of investment professionals.

We use this internal research to help us identify companies in the Asian region that are currently trading at an attractive discount to their true underlying value. These companies may have fallen out of favour with investors in the short-term due to an adverse market event such as a company-specific announcement, profit downgrade or negative growth outlook.

We know from our decades of experience that the market, more often than not, overreacts to many of these short-term events. That’s why we always take a long-term view, as it allows us to look through this short-term ‘noise’ and invest in good companies at attractive prices. It’s an investment approach that is described as contrarian, given we tend to avoid those companies that are seen as ‘market favourites’.

Reasons to invest with us

  • Our track record of long-term capital growth
  • Our disciplined value investment philosophy
  • Our strong alignment with client interests
  • Our experienced investment team

Our investment philosophy and process

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Investment philosophy and process