Important notice to Investors

Attribution Managed Investment Trust Regime (AMIT Regime) modifications to Fund Constitutions

03 February 2019

Funds affected by this notice:

Fund name ARSN
Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund 087 294 504
Maple-Brown Abbott Sharemarket Fund 088 536 832

Modification to constitution

The AMIT regime was enacted by the Australian Government to implement new rules for the taxation of certain managed investment schemes.

Maple-Brown Abbott Ltd ACN 001 208 564 (MBA) has made modifications to the constitutions of the above registered schemes (Funds) (Modifications) to enable the Funds to operate each class of units as a separate AMIT under the AMIT Regime.

ASIC Corporations (Attribution Managed Investment Trusts) Instrument 2016/489 permits MBA to make the necessary amendments without member approval, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions. This notice is being given in satisfaction of one of those conditions.

A copy of the Modifications is available free of charge by emailing

Reasons for Modifications

Each Fund has made an election to become an AMIT and MBA has made the Modifications to facilitate each Fund operating each class of units as a separate AMIT under the AMIT Regime.

Although MBA has not yet made a decision whether to elect for each class of units in a Fund to be an AMIT, should MBA make such an election, that Fund will be able to attribute the net taxable income that is relevant and applicable to each different class of units to the members of that class as if that class was a separate trust. This means that the taxable income relevant to a class is attributed to the members in that class, without being impacted by any other class. Therefore, an election to use this element of the AMIT Regime would mean that:

Effect of Modifications

The Modifications amend the constitutions of the Funds so as to: