Message from Sophia Rahmani, CEO & MD, Maple-Brown Abbott - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Message from Sophia Rahmani, CEO & MD, Maple-Brown Abbott - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Global Infrastructure Fund - Institutional Sterling


(as at 31 Aug 2020)

Performance 1 mth % 3 mths % 1 yr % p.a. 3 yrs % p.a. 4 yrs % p.a. Since inception % p.a. *
Fund ** -2.8 -7.1 -13.3 -3.0 1.1 7.3
Benchmark *** 0.4 1.0 6.4 7.5 7.6 7.5

Performance chart
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

Data Source: Maple-Brown Abbott

NAV price as at 23 Sep 2020

GBP £   0.9494

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Head of Global Distribution

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PERFORMANCE DISCLAIMER: Please note that the figures above represent past performance, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are volatile and may fluctuate quickly and significantly. Neither Maple-Brown Abbott Limited nor any other person makes any representation nor gives any guarantee as to the future performance or success of, the rate of income or capital return from, recovery of money invested in, or income tax or other taxation consequences of, any investment in the trusts shown on this website.

* Inception date is 31 December 2015.

** The Fund’s performance is based on the movement in net asset value per share and is before tax and after all fees and charges. Tax credits are not included in the performance figures.

*** The benchmark is the OECD Total Inflation Index + 5.5% p.a.

About the Fund

The Maple-Brown Abbott Global Infrastructure Fund is an actively managed global listed infrastructure securities portfolio with a focus on regulated, contracted and concession assets or networks that provide essential services.

Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the benchmark over rolling five-year periods. The benchmark is an accumulation index, maintained daily by us, comprised of the OECD Total Inflation Index plus 5.5% per annum.

Key features

  • Investment expertise: the opportunity to invest in a fund managed by a dedicated team with many years’ experience
  • Investment return: the potential to provide investment returns in line with the investment objective
  • Investment growth: access to an international share portfolio that aims to deliver medium to long term capital growth
  • Broader investment opportunities: access to investment opportunities, markets and risk management techniques not generally available to individual investors
  • Liquidity: timely access to your investment including daily share prices

Fund facts
(as at 31 Aug 2020) Latest Fact Sheet

Fund size $ 402.0 Million
ISIN code IE00BYP0WH33
Fund Inception date Dec 2015
Base currency USD
Class Currency GBP
Unit pricing frequency Daily
Minimum initial investment USD $ 1,000,000
Minimum additional investment USD $ 25,000
Total expense ratio ^ 1.10%
Anti-dilution levy ^^

Significant holdings
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

Ameren Corporation
Duke Energy Corp
Hydro One
National Grid
Sempra Energy
Severn Trent

Value and balance sheet characteristics
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

Number of Stocks 31
Dividend Yield (%) 3.9
EV/EBITDA * (x) 12.9
Gearing (Net Debt/EBITDA) (x) 5.1

* Enterprise Value/Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation.

Based on fund weighted averages.

Risk measures USD
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

  Fund Benchmark
Beta vs MSCI World 0.9

Sector weights vs. benchmark
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

Country weights vs. benchmark
(as at 31 Aug 2020)

^ The Total Expense Ratio is capped at 1.1%.

^^ The Company reserves the right to impose “an anti-dilution levy” representing a provision for market spreads (the difference between the prices at which assets are valued and/or bought and sold), duties and charges and other dealing costs relating to the acquisition or disposal of assets and to preserve the value of the underlying assets of a Fund as a result of material net subscriptions or redemptions.

Net asset values

Net asset value history

Date Class Currency NAV price
23/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9494
22/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9623
21/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9527
18/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9595
17/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9706
16/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9690
15/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9717
14/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9692
11/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9669
10/09/2020 GBP £ 0.9642

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Invest with us

Invest with us

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2. Fill out and sign the application form

3. Fax the form to Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited +3531 553 9414

4. Please send hard copy of the application form to:-

c/o Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited
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