• Using investment screens and qualitative research to build portfolios that positively contribute to social or environmental outcomes
  • Applying a disciplined investment philosophy to optimise financial returns
  • Investing for the long term and working with companies to advocate for change

Our investments aim to address environmental and social issues such as climate change, resource management, financial inequality and disparity in living standards with purposeful capital investment.

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Why sustainability themed investments?

The challenges facing our society, including climate change, resource management, financial inequality and disparity in living standards, require purposeful capital investment to enable solutions and support positive outcomes for people and the planet.

Our sustainably themed investments aim to help deliver positive impact. We invest in companies that deliver products or services that we assess to be aligned to sustainable outcomes. By being purposeful in the way we allocate capital we believe we can mitigate investment risk and support companies that are taking active roles in addressing social and environmental challenges.

We believe this need not come at the expense of strong financial returns.

Our investment philosophy

Positive contribution – By identifying and investing in companies that we assess to be contributing to one or more sustainable investment themes we believe we can enhance long-term returns for investors and help to support environmental and social outcomes.

Proven track record – We have been managing money for almost 40 years and strive to provide superior investment returns over the long term through active management.

Investing for the long term – We are patient investors with a long investment horizon. We believe that price and value can diverge by a wide margin over the short term, while they are far more likely to converge over the long term. Sustainability issues are often long dated in nature, and we believe that considerations of these issues in investment decisions is more likely to support investment returns over the long term. We also believe that our long investment horizon and holding periods may enhance our influence with management and place us in a strong position to advocate for a stronger focus on our sustainable investment themes

Environmental, social and corporate governance We believe appropriate management of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors can create long-term shareholder value. Our sustainability themed investments are based on the philosophy that ESG research can help identify risks or opportunities that, when combined with fundamental analysis, deliver benefits for a range of stakeholders.

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Portfolio Managers

A team of experienced and dedicated investment professionals.

Christopher Hotop | Investment Analyst | Maple-Brown Abbott
Christopher Hotop
Portfolio Manager, Australian Value Equities
Emma Pringle | Head of ESG | Maple-Brown Abbott
Emma Pringle
Head of ESG and Portfolio Manager

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