Our staff are the powerhouse of our success. Our people believe in what they do and act with demonstrable integrity and with our clients’ best interests at heart. We operate as a collection of strong teams that are experts in their respective fields. In addition to new appointments over the years, many of our staff have been with our firm for over fifteen years. We believe our culture is the reason our people genuinely enjoy working at Maple-Brown Abbott. We take an inclusive and collaborative approach to deliver our clients’ needs.

Our team are genuinely focused on our clients – strong client relationships are the basis on which our company was initially formed and continues to be our focus today. This is demonstrated most visibly through the alignment of interest that each of our investment teams has with their clients and unambiguously through our dedicated client service – to which everyone contributes.

Our investment teams are experienced, professional experts that strive to deliver positive investment outcomes for our clients. We welcome insightful conversations with our clients and endeavour to deliver value greater than just our investment expertise to our clients. 

And whilst our firm may not be known as a trailblazer, we exhibit quiet innovation and plot our own course without arrogance. This has been integral to our strategy for nearly 40 years.

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